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The City of Bellevue

The City of Bellevue (Washington, USA) finds Leading Pedestrian Intervals (LPI) reduce risk of road user conflicts.


The City of Bellevue recently approved the Vision Zero Prgram aimed to improve road safety by eliminating traffic injuries and fatalities.

By focusing on the most vulnerable road users, pedestrians, variations to LPI were proposed in order to reduce vehicle and pedestrian conflicts. The City required evidence based before and after data faster than traditional crash data methodologies to ensure that these LPIs were effective.


Utilizing AMAG’s SMART SaaS Platform, in particular the SMART Safety product, the City of Bellevue was able to vali-date the effectiveness of LPIs in reducing vehicle and pe-destrian conflicts.

What traditional crash based methodol-ogies typically required years to validate could now be done in a week thanks to AMAG’s computer vision and AI technology.


The City of Bellevue found that LPIs did in fact reduce vehicle and pedestrian conflicts, with no increase to risk of other crash types. LPI was found
to be a low-cost treatment where the benefits greatly outweighed the costs.


Intersections Analyzed

0 +

Road Users

0 %

Reduction in Vehicle-pedestrian Crash Rate

0 %

Reduction in Vehicle-Vehicle Crash Rate

City of Bellevue, Site A - Heatmaps Generated in SMART Safety

I was impressed by how the use of video analytics to identify near-misses … can reliably identify real crash risks and show the benefits of LPI… in a much faster timeline than previously.

Franz Loewenherz
Principal transportation Planner, City of Bellevue

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